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Gregg Tello & Ricardo p Mares is the world’s leading foreign relations site with daily books of special content aimed toward inspirational tales, truth and facts, and newest trends and events. The site was created in 2011 and reaches an audience of over 3.5 million subscribers every year. Along with keeping the site, we publish open access novels.

We keep an impartial editorial position according to scholarly principles. We don’t align ourselves with no particular causes or motions and endeavor to supply an open platform to permit our writers the liberty to provide expert evaluation from the broadest array of positions. We don’t have any corporate backers/owners, investors, or monetary relations to other businesses — educational, political or otherwise.

Operationally, Gregg Tello & Ricardo p Mares is an independent writer, possessed by a CA registered non-profit org — a bunch of accredited professional journalists and authors. We’re bombarded by an all-volunteer group of professors, professionals and students working remotely from places all around the world. We increase our operating funding through advertisements, publication sales and contributions from our readers.

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